Sumedha Club

Academic Clubs introduced in the schools of Kaipamangalam Constituency have been one of the main initiatives of Sumedha. This programme is being conducted for the Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and Senior secondary levels separately with the intention of bringing out the hidden potentials of the students. Academic activities along with extracurricular activities are given importance here to ensure that students nurture their inborn talents under the expert guidance of teachers. Thus, Sumedha clubs have been the avenues to enable the students for their holistic development. The main figureheads of the clubs including the President and Secretary are selected from the students themselves to carry out different activities in their respective clubs. These clubs help improve the leadership qualities of the students and enhance their natural self confidence.

The chairman of the club in a particular school will be the Ward Member of the respective region where the school is located. Parent Teachers Association along with Old Students Association and teachers function as Joint Coordinators and Coordinators of the club respectively, thus being the support systems of these programme.

Different activities like debates, discussions and seminars on different topics of relevance are being conducted under the auspices of the clubs. The Student Parliament creates opportunities for the students to get together collectively and organise themselves thus empowering their voices. This also aid them in the understanding of this process. Altogether these activities help the students in acquisition of knowledge and to have a better understanding on the happenings around them. Along with them preparation for competitive examinations like LSS, USS and the National Talent Search Exam are also being undertaken by the clubs on a monthly basis.