Sumedha Civil Service Coaching

Taking a single Civil Service Exam means two whole years of a person’s life which is a major expense from the side of an aspirant but Sumedha here tries to bring an affirmative role to the preparation of the candidate by making it a period of acquisition of knowledge. We give twelve years of our valuable life for schooling and more years to the next levels of our education. If we can spend these much years to earn a degree, why don’t we spend some quality time to find a better career in the Civil Services? This is the idea that Sumedha is putting forth before the aspirants thus making it a holistic programme rather than a race against time. It is conducted as a part of Sumedha Higher Education Programme and is the most distinguished and illustrious of all the programmes. Sumedha Civil Service coaching aims to mould able, talented young generations to control the power wheel of the nation. We also conduct Civil Service Seminars and classes on a yearly basis where eminent personalities in the service to the nation find time to interact with our students who are the future leaders.


  • High school- higher Secondary foundation
  • By providing foundation classes to High School-Higher Secondary students, Sumedha aims at aiding the aspirants to have an early understanding of the mandate of the exam. Having a foundation at the earliest will help the students in their future, making their preparation experiences lighter. It will also help them in their regular academics as they have accessibility to a vast pool of knowledge.

  • Degree (Prelims cum Mains) foundation batch
  • For the degree batch students Sumedha tries to give proper guidance for the preparation and help the students in adopting the best strategy possible for the effectiveness of the same. We provide Subject classes of quality with efficient trainers of experience.

  • Weekend, Regular Batches
  • They are provided with more focused classes that give primacy to the mandates of the exam and even a free test series (Prelims and Mains) that help them in approaching the exam with more confidence. Sumedha also tries to develop study circles among the students to make the preparation more effective.

  • KAS Batch
  • Coaching for the recently announced Kerala Administrative Service Exam is the latest programme by Sumedha. Through this programme, we aim at helping a quality number of students to break in the exam. We have the most eminent and experienced faculties from different parts of the state to train the students.